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This is very stimulating material, and I appreciate the work you did with the covers.

However, i think the aspect of 'withstanding multiple viewings' is crucial to the success of this idea.

I believe that one thing that needs to go away is the narrative part (which is okay on the first viewing but soon becomes tiring) and focus on 'ambient animation' (for lack of a better term), one which doesn't base it's shtick on temporal sequence.

I'm reminded of video games which usually contain a more 'cinematic' intro and a 'home screen' that's more timeless/stateless. You would usually skip the former after one or two viewings. So this is a good place to look for inspiration.


This is a tremendously interesting idea.

Beverly Brown

I love that you've recognized the creative potential in the new medium. Great work - I especially liked the Tintin cover.

Allan Wallace

You are far ahead of the pack. I can see it on an author's web site. It will probably take a long time before it's an option on Amazon e-books.

Keep pushing.

Sam Rick

These are fantastic ideas! So, what dimensions do you design at when you're working on these? I assume you're designing them with the iPad in mind?

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