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I never thought of a book cover as a portal quite this way. Hopefully this inspires more experiments like this!

Susana Mai

That was amazing. The cover suddenly became an interactive experience with the reader! Now I'm not completely for the e-book movement, but this provides something new, a niche a print book truly can't fulfill, and I love it.

Account Deleted

Amazing. Awsome. This whole project's been incredibly creative. I have lots to do and stopped to play with the cover. Not resisting it says a lot, hu? ;)

Sandy Richards

I love this! The unclickable lock at the end made me laugh! What a great project!

Charlie Orr

You should eventually see a title page, and then the first page of text. Keep trying...


My mind has just been blown. Absolutely bloody magnificent.

Lauren Cagle

This is utterly amazing. Thank you.


Incredible. Ebook meets performance art!

eli morton

Hi, Mr. Orr. Can anyone send an imaginary book? Because I have this one running in circles around my head. I expect you like the plot. Thank you.

Title: Blackout.

Author: Eli Morton.

The time: 1977.

The target: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The crew: An ex-con mastermind, a Vietnam War veteran wanting vengeance against the system that ruined his life, a russian math genius scheming the most daring assault to the same core of capitalism.

The plot: It’s the day before the New York City Blackout of 1977 that affected most of New York City from July 13, 1977 to July 14, 1977. Just released from Ryker’s Island prison after a long time behind the bars master thief Charlie Stroke and his partners, Vietnam War veteran Moses ‘Moe’ Parrish and russian mobster Nikolaj Kropotkin, are at the verge of the most gainful theft of all time, when suddenly everything goes wrong. The blackout occurred after the theft when they’re left the Federal Reserve building. Now, as police and military troops seek to regain control of the city, violence escalates. Looting and vandalism are widespread, blocks are in fire every poor neighborhood in the city, all the bridges and tunnels are closed making impossible to find an exit out of Manhattan. With the NYPD and FBI bringing close to them, Charlie and his crew are running against the clock, and they are marked men.


Cool, brotha! I really like all these flicks like The Warriors, or Pelham 1,2,3, and this one could be easily an awesome heist movie. At least, I expect to see the book cover.


This was truly amazing! More please!


That was beautiful. Thank you (and your collaborators) for putting the time into making it.

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