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I absolutely *want* to read that book, now I've seen the cover! (The forbidden is always tempting, yes?!)


Awesome! And I can imagine Neil writing a book (or maybe a short story) in which an author is trapped writing such a story, and being faced with whether, and how, he could prevent it getting out.

In fact, Neil mentioned (on twitter) that he is being menaced by deadlines just now. Maybe the 'dead' part of that was more literal then we thought..

I want to read that book.


I would buy this book in an instant. Found you through a link and am in love with this idea. Wish I had known about you sooner. I can't wait for parts two and three.


Love it. And yes, I would try to break the seals so that I could read it. Unsatisfied curiosity vs end of the world? Hmmmm... Decisions, decisions.


I can see a book being written ABOUT this book. Theme: Group of authors jokingly create a book entitled, "If you read this book, the world will end" and unwittingly create a door to the apocalypse...

Alex Nautilus

Looks like John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness". :)
Alex Nautilus


This is very cool! What a great idea, and you executed the concept beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

Carroll Home

Hmmmm - this should be the first book in a trilogy (with a bonus volume):

Vol 1: "If You Read This Book The World Will End"

Vol 2: "If You Read This Book The Universe Will Be Rent Asunder"

Vol 3: "If You read This Book The Entire Space-Time Continuum Will Implode"

Bonus Volume: "Chicken Soup for the Imploded Soul That Has Been Rent Asunder"

Nice work on the image!


What a great cover toa book that willnever I exist that I'd immediately read. LOL. Nice job.


Wizard! Too Much Awesome! Brilliant in concept, proposal and execution. Thank you. Thanks to everyone involved in this project. Rock on!

Joan Stradling

Love it! I know a lot of work must have gone into the creation. Genius. =D

Mary Beth

Wonderful! Really just perfect! Congratulations on a job very well done! Looking forward to the next two installments!


Astoudingly awesome...even from you! xo


No no! Now I WANT to read it! The bolts and padlock are only a challenge.

If I wanted to insure that no one would read it I would call it Instructions or Letters from my Mother in Law or Recipes for a Bland Diet... any of which should ensure the book ONLY garners dust.


Can I suggest that people are more interested in reading what they're not allowed to than what they are allowed to? Therefore, I infer that, thanks to some clever lock-picker, the world will end pretty soon.


If you'd read that book, I have an apple to offer you. Take a moment for a little snack here in this lovely garden...


I like it. Neil recently posted a link to footage of an old Canadian interview - during which Neil gives details of something already in the dream library and which it would be good to see the cover for here in the Hypothetical Library- a Sandman story that he will never write ...

Synthetic Joel

It's probably beyond my reading level anyways, so i wouldn't even try to read this book. It would however make a stylish display item, so sell these plzzzz

Beth Surdut

Loving a curious mind doing curious things, I find your work...thrilling. But I must comment about Raven,Bringer of Magic and Messenger, with whom I have an intimate relationship. (Yes, whatever that image brings to your mind is true.) A few days ago the Wunderkammer blogger let me know she was posting my drawing The Ravens of Truth and Memory in honor of the American Gods Twitter read.
I assure you, the cleverest corvid Raven can pick that lock.

Charlie Orr

I just wanted to thank all of you for the kind comments. I am truly overwhelmed by the response to this project, and I hope you'll like the next two entries as much as this one. Be sure and check back on Thursday for the audio book version—it has flies and laughing demons in it.


Love it! I expect that the audiobook will be in some not-yet-and-never-to-be-invented format. MXq3? WOV? AXX?


I followed a link to this entry and have now been through the archives. This is such a fabulously intriguing idea, these books that will never be written. And now I so want to read them all, mostly due to your skill with evocative covers. I look at them and feel the story within. Or the story that could be within. I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you...

Miss Method

A library with such volumes in it would require a very special kind of librarian to take care of the collection and keep curiosity seekers from unleashing the eldritch horrors within. Yes, you would need *dramatic pause* Ninja Librarians of the Apocalypse! Our motto: "Creating Order Out of Chaos Since Time Began".


Hahaha! That is awesome, well done. :)


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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